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Customer Testimonials

When we made the jump from 3 axis machining to true 5 axis, I was completely puzzled.  We purchased a new CAD software, massive upgrade to my CAM package, and all with little time to train.  I talked with Mike Mattera and he told me about his 4 axis Rotary Contouring & Indexing training CD.  I didn’t have the time to leave the shop for a class, so I got the CD.  It was great.  The progression of the tutorials, the ease of the examples, and the freedom to stop and try it on your own was fantastic.  You can go as fast or slow as you need.  These CD’s got me to “chips” faster than I could have expected without having to leave the shop floor for a few days for classes.  I recommended Tips For Manufacturing training CD’s to all the programmers that I run into that are looking to learn about certain things.

Paul Larson
Programming and Customer Support
Tool Fabrication Corporation
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(George Hardwick wrote:)

Hi Mike.
Been getting along very well with your CDs and with the solids. I will be a lot better off when I can afford to go to Level 3. Trying to Machine just 1 Surface is very limiting. So I’ve been trying to improve on Wireframe paths and Solid development. Time well spent I expect.  Would you care to have a criticial look at my Solid Models?

All the best.  Regards.

George Hardwick.
Geo Hardwick Engineering
North Somerset - United Kingdom

(Mike Mattera's Reply)

I'm impressed and excited to see what you've done. Makes me feel like I've done my part to help you become more productive.  Is it OK to save a .jpg of this part and put it on the web site? It would make a great example of what can be done in only couple of weeks.

Good Work!  I expect Great Things from you.
Now go tell everyone on the forum about my CD's  :-) .

Thanks for sharing. Keep in touch.

Mike Mattera
Tips For Manufacturing

I'm not much, when it comes to grabbing a text book or manual, to get an answer. I'm the type that wants an answer now. And that's where the training CD's came to my rescue. You drop them in, select the chapter that is giving you problems, and I can honestly say, you will get an answer to where you're headed in the right direction, to having your problem solved.

Tom Thompson
Neenha Foundry
Neenha Wisconsin

The Tips For Manufacturing CD’s are great, you’re able to train at your own pace, if you missed something you can watch the lesson again, and you can use the CD as a refresher course later on.

Tim Simmermon
Manufacturing Engineer
Tula Machine
Chicago, IL

Received the second CD.   Have gone through both of them now and felt that I needed to say Thank you. The CD’s are answering many questions for me.

Thank you,
John Myers
Wadsworth Ohio

Hi Mike
Just to let you know the discs arrived safe and sound and thanks for the prompt delivery. May I congratulate you on an amazing product. If only all learning was structured like this. I would have no hesitation in recommending your products to anyone. Once again many thanks
Best Regards
David Kerr
Littleborough England

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the Mastercam Mill CD to the extent that I can't live without the Design CD. It's been extremely helpful and really sped up the learning process. For those of us guys who hate reading directions, these tutorials are manna from heaven!"

Dennis Meredith
Reno, NV

manna : n, The food supplied miraculously to the Israelites in the wilderness. Spiritual nourishment.

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